Thursday, January 1, 2009

cat on a terlit

I have a cat. I have a large dark Siamese/Balinese cat. He's big and dumb but has a heart of gold. I love him like a son. A son that can't speak or do the dishes or clean up around the house.

When he pees in his litter box, he doesn't bother to sit down. He stands in his litter box and pees out of it. When he's done, he looks annoyed that he has to pull half of the litter out of the box and onto the floor in order to cover his mess.

Years ago, I saw a show about a guy who trained his cat to use the toilet. I think the show was "That's Amazing!" or "Real People" but I'm not sure. I remember thinking, "So, wait a minute, there'd possibly be a time where I'm rushing to the bathroom and I'd have to wait for my cat to finish up in there?"

I imagine training my cat to use the toilet.